Wednesday, June 29, 2016

article About Features of a BAD smartphone - (all-vga-corner)

List of smartphones to avoid

Chanced upon a few articles that warned that these phones should be avoided. The models and the respective reasons are:

  1. Huawei P9: Leica certified lens but not made by Leica and premium priced
  2. Oppo R9: Simple look and feel
  3. iPhone SE: "Yellow screen" symptoms
  4. LG G5: Premium priced
  5. HTC A9: Mid end chipset selling at premium price
  6. Meizu Pro 6: No new features when compared to Pro 5
  7. Samsung S7: Price keeps dropping every week
  8. Sony Z5: Premium priced
Let's explore further hoping to determine the real reasons behind those bad comments.

Features and Capabilities

Let's review the various specifications of the phones.

Brand ModelLaunch DateChipsetWeight (g)RAM (GB)Storage (GB)Battery (mAh)RMBRetail Price (US$)
Huawei P9Apr-2016Kirin 95514433230003188480
Oppo R9Mar-2016MT675514546428502799422
iPhone SEMar-2016APL089811321616423088465
LG G5Feb-2016MSM899615943228004186630
HTC One A9Sep-2015MSM8974AB16021626001888285
Meizu Pro 6Apr-2016MT6797T16043225602500377
Samsung S7Feb-2016Exynos 8 Octa 899015243230004950745
Sony Xperia Z5Sep-2015MSM899415433229004500678

Even if we provide colours to the table, it is hard to compare. Let's rank them instead.

Brand Model\RankWeight (g)RAM (GB)Storage (GB)Battery (mAh)RMBRetail Price (US$)PointsRank
Huawei P9733744282
Oppo R9658566361
iPhone SE811155216
LG G5353433216
HTC One A9111388224
Meizu Pro 6153277253
Samsung S7553711224
Sony Xperia Z5433622208

Purely based on these specifications, Oppo R9 comes out top as the best phone while Sony Xperia Z5 is intending to rip customers off.

You may argue that some features are more important than the rest such as the battery capacity. If you give 5 times the points to features which you value the most.  In this instance, let's give x5, x3 and x2 to Price, Battery and Storage respectively.

Brand Model\RankWeight (g)RAM (GB)Storage (GB)Battery (mAh)RMBRetail Price (US$)PointsRank
Huawei P973621420612
Oppo R9651615430761
iPhone SE8123425438
LG G535612415456
HTC One A91129440573
Meizu Pro 61566435573
Samsung S75562145465
Sony Xperia Z543618410456

With different values in the eyes of different consumers, your choice of a phone becomes clear.  Oppo R9 is still the best and iPhone SE is the worst phone to get.


Although Oppo R9 is listed as the phone to avoid, it still can be an option when you are getting a new phone. After all, it becomes a benchmark to avoid.

If you have other ways to compare different phones, share and give your comments too.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

article About Why smartphones are stupid? - (all-vga-corner)

Why smartphones are stupid?

The Achilles' heel of smartphone

We have moved quite far since Apple introduced the first iPhone on 29 June 2007.  Our world has become different and we have access to knowledge and information faster.  We feel smarter because we have devices that support our search when we are in doubts.

Our total reliance on smartphone to remember the phone numbers, email address, taking notes, calendar schedules and information searches made our brain lazy.  When our smartphone is dead, we are also brain dead and panicked.

What happen to the battery?

Let's review the generations of iPhone.  We use a simple equation: Battery Index = Standby Time / Capacity of the battery.  The higher the index, the better is the battery as it can last longer with the same amount of capacity.

iPhoneCapacity (mAh)Standby (hrs)Battery Index
6 Plus29153840.13
6S Plus27503840.14

From the chart above, we noticed that iPhone 3G has the best efficiency among all the iPhones while iPhone 6 Plus has the worst Battery Index.

Why don't Apple make bigger battery to ensure longer standby time?  Well, newer iPhone are more power efficient with smaller CPU and better components.  Bigger battery means more weight and thicker phones which are undesirable.  To maintain its aesthetic, battery capacity is compromised to keep its weight and thickness down to its minimum.

For Android, manufacturers introduced Fast charge, Pump Express and other speed charging technology to compensate for the small battery capacity.  They assume that you always have a stable power point for charging and force you to carry a charging cable and its charger.

The hidden culprits

Applications grow at an exponential rate with many different angles.  For simple route navigation, we may install different applications and we keep all of them because each has their unique advantages.  We install more applications into smartphone and it runs more applications than yesterday.

If we chose not to install any applications, it defeats the purpose of getting a smartphone (You might as well buy a Nokia 105).  Therefore, we install applications to make us smarter and by installing more applications, we are taxing the battery and further reducing its standby time.

Power banks and chargers become our daily must have accessories and we spent more money on top of the expensive smartphone.  The vicious cycle repeats for a new iPhone with a different charging cable.  Instead of charging the smartphone, you are now forced to charge the battery banks.  We are cornered and act so foolishly with a small capacity battery.


Getting a small capacity smartphone is silly.  Instead of charging a smartphone, you have to charge the power bank as well.  You are forced to bring chargers, cables and power bank wherever you go.  If you fail to comply, you become stupid because the smart element (smartphone) of you is power dead.

Be wise: Get a smartphone with a BIG battery capacity.  The same applies to Android phone.